Tomato plant spiral support stakes

Spiral wire tomato support is mainly for your garden and vegetable, especially for tomatoes growing.

Product name: Tomato Spiral

Materials: steel wire

Characteristics: Flexible

Application: The products can be on pallet and bundle and paper box.

Tomato Spiral Size
4.8mm x 1.8m 4.8mm x 1.6m 4.8mm x 1.5m 
5mm x 1.8m 5mm x 1.6m 5mm x 1.5m
5.5mm x 1.8m 5.5mm x 1.6m 5.5mm x 1.5m
6mm x 1.8m 6mm x 1.6m 6mm x 1.5m

Tomato Spirals is one of the major types of plant supports providing support system for every growing need. Made of heavy gauge steel wire, there is no need for retying as plants grow.


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